Magical seat ~

Our world today is lived in at such a frenetic pace, with all its' technology and need to have everything instantly that we are missing the point of Stopping to Smell the Roses as it were....

It's about taking the time to stop and actually listen to people, which is a quality many people do not seem to have, sadly. I am not sure where this section is going yet, but I had the idea on the no 68 bus, thinking that I'd like to nominate the journey the Slow Bus to Euston.. well, the thought amused me at the time!

Friday, 3rd July - and, having spent the last 15 years or so learning languages, this should easily qualify! Slow Learning as in the case of a new language, is a wonderfully rewarding thing to do and apparently I am an "opsimath" which now makes more sense now I am doing the greek. There are lots of us too! I would recommend it anyday.!

Slow-ly thinking about a Blog addition



It's been suitably a long time since I added to the Blog. Thinking about the Slow Chat, I think having a nice warm bath comes in this category. Many people prefer the speed and efficiency of the shower - shower versus bath? Hmmm, I think the bath wins the Slow game!

Thursday, 22 October. Yesterday here in London we had the most miserable rainy day..what could be better than having a nice slow afternoon with ...a pudding! When do we have hot puddings anymore? Sticky toffee pudding and custard certainly did the trick to elavate the mood!!

Sunday, 24th July..On a warm day here in London, the ice cream is being ignored for that perennial pleasure: slow eating of Cadbury's Flake, not to be hurried, absolutely no way!

Tuesday, 4th October. A suitably big gap inbetween the last entry and this.! Recommended: as photo shown, the bath idea is enhanced by music. In my case, Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe or Oxygene goes down a treat....

19th November - I had ideas to add here but took so long to get round to it have forgotten them! I'll have to put it down to 'slow' brain (although greek sure keeps it active!)